About Us

e-safaqat is a B2B platform that achieves direct online communication and interaction between large, medium, and small companies.
It also facilitates communication among them by presenting information, products, and offers for each company in a new and innovative way, and the possibility of issuing tenders and displaying available jobs.
the current circumstances and keeping pace with technology was the biggest role in establishing the platform.
Why we:
We are the only platform that offers a complete package for small, medium, and large businesses with 0% commission. We are also the most efficient and effective media for marketing your company's products and services to a highly targeted audience of buyers and sellers. We also assist global buyers in locating suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters.
Our goals:
• To be the most reliable B2B commerce platform locally and globally.
• Assisting companies in meeting their needs.
• Save delegates, time, effort, and money.
• Helping clients meet the challenges of a changing world and seize new opportunities.
e-safaqat is a business platform of Liberty International Group.
For more information, you can visit the group's official website